Project EXI

The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

Oct 26 2010

Multi-way connectors for the instrument cluster


I bought some multi-way connectors from Ebay, these arrived today.
My intention for these is to use them to allow the instruments to be removed without disconnecting all the connections.
Ive fitted 2x 6 way connectors on the dashboard instruments and am currently fitting another 2 for the center console.
Others will be fitted to the rear and the front lighting so the clam shell bodywork panels can be removed from the car without disconnecting or removing the lights

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Oct 24 2010

Handbrake / Rear Tunnel


Sprayed the handbrake mount and attached the cables to keep them clear of the handbrake mechanism.
To fit the tunnels I had to make some adjustments to allow the gear linkage cable to exit the tunnel halfway along.
To do this I cut the tunnel in half, and cut out a slot to allow the gear linkage to exit.
Each half of the tunnel can then be fitted around the gear linkage.
Set about tidying up some wiring ready for sealing with cable loom tape.

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Oct 23 2010

Water Temp and Fuel level gauges


I have finished of the centre console plate, and fitted the switches and the two gauges.
Made up the wiring to connect power and ground circuits to the clocks, instrument back lighting and sender connections.

I had to get the fuel gauge and the water temp gauges working.
No major problems with the fuel gauge. It worked straight away, I tested it by removing the sender and rotating the arm to both full and empty settings.
The gauge now reads empty, not surprising as I have hardly any fuel in the tank.
The water temp gauge was a bit different, I didn't want to replace the existing sender as the design is different to the calibrated sender purchased with the gauge. I decided to fit the new sender in the billet plug that was put in to cap the Seat Leon heater matrix feed. The billet plug needed modifying on my neighbours lathe ,drill tapping with a 1/8 NPT thread.
Once machined and fitted I ran the car and could see the gauge moving as temperature went up.

This now means that all the gauges and switches I decided to fit now work. RESULT !!!
I have 3 additional wires in the loom, oil temp, boost pressure and oil pressure. I decided not to fit these at this time, so have curled the wires up under the dash, if I decide to fit them later.

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Oct 17 2010

Brake and clutch line fitting


The weekend was a very busy. I managed to get two full days out in the garage working on the car.
Fitted the brake lines supplied by Marlin.
The rears brake lines are ok. I had to use the banjo bolts from the donor. The banjo bolts supplied were two different threads.
The front brake lines are about 10cm too short. The suggested route is to mount the Tee on the cross member in front of the fuel tank. Without enough length the lines pull tight when on full lock. Mark is going to provide me with some slightly longer brake lines.
Got the wiper motoro mount welded in place , primed and painted with 2 coats of enamel. I had to move the washer bottle over as the wiper motor needs to fit at a 45 degree angle.

Got the handbrake cables shortened. Next door neighbour used his lathe to machine a brass ferule to fit over the cut cable, the cable itself can then be unwound and the hole on the rear filled with flux and solder. Suprised how well this nipple works!!

The handbrake cable mount was also welded onto the handrbake chassis plate. This plate also has mounting holes for supporting a gear change cable and the two stainless hose lines for the rear brake and clutch. Just need to prime and paint this.

The brake line and clutch line running through the tunnel are now supported just above the heater pipes. I used the same mounts for the stainless pipe inverted them over the pipes to provide a level mounting area to use a cable tie to hold the two lines. Looks neat as well, no risk of fouling or the lines rubbing on things they shouldn't.

Started to cut out the center console panel. Spacers have made that screw down over the gearstick bolts to hold the center console panel up and away from the gear stick mount. The center console panel then bolts to the underside of the dashboard.

I have decided to trim the dashboard components in alcantara.
The dashboard will be in black, the instrument panel and the center console will be trimmed in red. Should provide a nice contrast in colours.
Bought the material from a friend at &15 the lot.

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Oct 11 2010

Incorrect Tacho signal from ECU


I have investigated the tacho problem by borrowing an oscilloscope from work.
Firstly the wire I connected to the ECU is on the the wrong pin.
I tracked this down pin 37 (132/37 Green/Brown), which shows a nice square wave 0V-12V pk , and at a frequency of 25.46Hz. About right given an idling engine.

((25.46 x 60) /2) = 763.8 rpm

At 1000rpm the frequency should be 33.333 Hz.
((1000/60) x 2) = 33.333

When connecting the signal to the tacho, the signal completely disappears so that indicates the tacho is not able to sink enough current
So it should be possible using a simple transistor circuit to create a current sink circuit. Will try this out tonight and see where we end up.

SOLVED!!! The small transistor circuit worked and the tacho now indicates an idle speed of about 1200rpm, when the engine gets warm the engine note can be heard to drop and the tacho now indicates about 750rpm! Details of the fix are in the build photos.

Just for the record the speedo worked out of the box using the Hall sensor on the gearbox

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Oct 10 2010

Fitting the speedo and tacho to Instrument plate


I set about installing the Tacho and Speedo.
Wired the two instruments into the dash panel insert and connected up backlight power, positive and negative.
The speedo was fitted without a hitch, and putting the car into gear the speedo moves and shows a speed. The odometer also starts counting up. so far I have done 0.1miles without going anywhere.
The tacho has prooved a bit more problematic, backlight works, and power is getting to the needle, it lifts of rest when the power is applied, but with the engine running, the needle doesnt move. This suggests either the wrong wire or an incompatible signal being sent to the Tacho.
Ive contacted ETB to see if they can help diagnose what the problem might be. for the record it is currently conntected to Blue/White pin 54 on the ECU.

My neighbour also glass blasted the cam rocker cover and the intake manifold, and wow what a massive improvement. They almost look brand new now. These have been fitted back onto the engine. Thanks Frank ;)

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Oct 07 2010

Completed instrument plate for Dashboard


I have finished making the metal plate for the dashboard.
The warning lamp panel is mounted and counter sunk bolts hold it in place, it all lines up nice and works well.
I have two 81mm holes , one for the speedo and one for the tacho. These are held in place by bolt on clamps on the rear of the clocks.
It all looks really good
Oone slight let down however is the dashboard hump itself. The center line of which does not line up perfectly with the center line of the steering wheel. The wheel is about 70mm left of the dashboard hump. I dont see how things have gone wrong, it may just be the way it is on a 5EXi.
It may be a future project to cut out the dashboard hump and move it left. I could also see how much further right the steering column can be moved. This may reduce the effect seen in the lining up of the steering column. Will update later if I can see a solution......

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Oct 04 2010

Instrument plate for Dashboard


The metal plate that I had made to mount the instruments seemed a bit weak to start with, once the holes were cut for the speedo and tacho. It was obvious that it wasnt upto the job.
I set about, witht he help of a neighbour, making a new dashboard mounting plate from 2.5mm thick aluminium.
Using the old piece as a template I was able to improve on the desigin and make the tabs better. The template has been cut out, the tabs bent at the correct angles, M6 rivnut inserted for bolting the plate in place.
There is a bit more work todo in finalising and finishing the size of the plate off.
Then its down to marking the holes for speedo and tacho, and instrument warning lamps.

I've removed the cam rocker cover, and covered it in GUNK to remove some of the burnt on oil stains on the inside. I intend to get the grit blasted, to enhance the apperence of the engine.
I have yet to remove the intake housing and intend to do the same to this.

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Oct 03 2010

Fuel sender gauge...............


I've fitted the fuel tank sender but had to make some changes to the tank to get it all to work. The pre cut in the tank was too large for the sender. I think it may be designed around the donor sender.
I had to make a plate (I used a CD to trace as this was the correct size) with a smaller hole on the middle for the sender. Once cut I drilled 6 pilot holes around the outer edge that would be used for riviting the plate to the tank.
I fitted M5 rivnuts so the fuel sender can be removed
Then using a generous amount of JB weld between the tank and the adaptor plate permanently fixed the two together. To finalize the join I rivtted the plate and tank together.
JB weld is fuel proof, chemical proof, so I hope this will provide a good seal for the tank.

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Sep 30 2010

Module 3 ordered, website and build diary now RAIDed

Now the annual summer holiday break is over (2 weeks on the Algarve coast in Portugal). Its time to get back on with the project Exi at least I tought that was the case...

During my time away one of my hard disks had failed. Ive lost some data but nothing important. Given this is the 2nd hard disk that has failed on me in as many months and the huge amount of data I dont want to loose, like this build diary and all the photos that go with it. We have finally decided to invest in a RAID 10 array (4 1.5TB hard disks) mirrioring and striping to give a large data drive for which is mirrored (If one drive fails the other can take over).
So since getting back from holiday I been working on that.

I have spent sometime however on admin tasks for the Project, namely to order Module 3 (The bodywork)
I have elected for Orange GEL coat with the door package.
Should arrive in about a month. End of october?? !!!
Before then I hope to have fitted the dashboard and instruments and get them tested and all working.

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