Project EXI

The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

Sun Jul 10 14:01:56 BST 2011

Door panels


Completed the wiper mechanisim, had to increase the length of the wiper motor arm from 43mm to 60mm, in order to get the turret to sweep the entire width of the screen, fitted an 8mm spanner on the turret, to see the sweep until such time as I can get a wiper arm and blade.
Had to remove a fair amount of dashboard to get the opening for the threaded bar so it can rotate freely. Not much of a problem with a dremmel.
I used some M6 ball and socket joints on the motor, turrent connected with M6 stainless threaded bar. Will cover the thread bar with heatshrink to protect both it and everything else that may come into contact with it.

Finished the painting and filling of the steering colum surround, filled in the hole for the wash wipe stalk, the underside for steering column adjustment, two coats of etch primer, 3 coats of paint and 3 coats of lacquer
Fitted the surround to the steering column, and velcroed on the front panel to cover the lrge hole exposed wheel the donor wheel fitted. Pleased with the results, althought he paint finish is not my best, it is upto the job

Cut, covered and fitted the interior door panels. Cut out a cardboard template for the interior door panels. Then transferred that to 1.5mm aluminium panel. Once the final shape was finished, I cut about 30cm of black webbing, and rivetted this around the central door bar, to make a door close handle. Cut an opening in the aluminium panel. Drilled 10 holes around the edge of the aluminium panel then transferred and drilled the holes into the door fiberglass.

Fitted speed clips, to allow self tapping screws to secure the panel onto the door.
Covered the aluminium panle with black alcantarra with contact adhesive, folded over the back of the panle by about an inch
Feed the door pull handle through the panel, and fitted both passenger and drivers door panel in place with stainless self tappers.

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Mon Jul 4 17:12:54 BST 2011

Dashboard refitted


Went to southampton Metal Supermarket to pick up some material. 5 1/2" 6082 aluminium round bar to get some customised rear wheel hub centric spacer made. Aluminium panel, to be used as door inserts and some spare aluminium flat bar, in case I need to modify the side panel stay bars
Refitted the dashboard now the paint and lacquer has properly cured. Fitted the heater control panel, and connected all wires to the dashboard. Secured dashboard in place.
Cut aluminium plate for the gear stick surround, need a slighty longer gear gaiter, or need to figure out how to increase the height of the gear gaiter holder. This maybe the better option but that is work in progress
Started to fill in the hole opening in the steering column surround. Glued in some plastic on the underside of the surround, where the old steering column adjustment handle was opened. Filled in the hole where the wiper arm used to be. Applied some filler, and started to sand the plastic with 1200 grit wet and dry
Will acid etch and paint the surround the same as the dashboard, shold result in a good finish, when complete with no holes

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Sun Jun 26 11:02:32 BST 2011

Lacquered dashboard


The dashboard paint has now been drying for 24 hours. So it is ready to give it some coats of lacquer. Applied 3 coats of lacquer, about 30mins apart. Left to dry in to 30C heat that we are having today. Once cured it should be ready to re-fit the dashboard, hopefully for the last time

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Sat Jun 25 17:05:43 BST 2011

Dashboard painting, floor and side repeaters


Gave the dashboard 3 coats of satin black paint, good finish pleased with the results
Complete fitting the floor mats, now the whole floor pan is sound proofed.
drilled two 22mm holes in the side panels to hold the side repeaters. Had to extend the side repeater wiring and cover in conduit

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Wed Jun 22 17:05:43 BST 2011

Steering column surrond, Dashboard repaint


When I received the dashboard back from the flocking, the front edge (Part exposed to the outside) was painted black, but was not lacquared. Fitting the dash and front clam shell caused the paint to be scrathed and damaged, so I have elected to sandback prime and repaint this area. Sandaded back with 400 wet n dry paper. ready for spraying and lacquer in the next few days.
While the dashboard was out I could removed some additional material to allow the steering column surround to fit. This now fits, but there is a huge hole in the plastic surrond, where the quick release hub mount has been fitted. SO I found some similar black plastic and have cut and shaped a flat piece with a 32mm in the middle to fit over this hole. Will also cut out a plastic piece to fit over the removed right hand stalk. This will finish it off nicely and perhaps one day I may get the whole thing flocked as well.
Have to fiber fill in the heater matrix vents, and my temporary glue fix is not strong enough for a final solution. Will fiber in tomorrow night, ready for spraying black when the front edge of the dashboard is sprayed.

Thinking about an IVA in about two moths , still got some minor works to finish, and finalizing of a few areas.

Spoke to Terry, have passed on measurement for seat belt harness bar, 1129mm for my modified seat belt bar brackets
Also mentioned the rear engine cover vents pointed the wrong way (i.e upwards on the front section of the cover)
Confirmation that a VIN plate is still required

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Mon Jun 20 17:34:22 BST 2011

Wing mirrors


Fitted the wing mirrors to both sides, easily done. Measured the recommended 60mm down and 90mm from the front edge of the side panel. Drill M6 hole, and measured the correct distance to the second hole, drilled that.
Secured in place with stainless M6 button head, penny washer and nyloc.

Fitted the lense for the indicator warning lamps. Looks good.
Started to fit the steering column surround, will need som minor modifications, and perhaps some more dashboard removing to make it fit.

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Sun Jun 19 19:25:49 BST 2011

Quick release steering wheel fitted.


Set the front wheels to parralel wih a borrows wheel alignment kit, then fitted the quick release hub to the steering column.
A metal bar has been made and screwed into the end of the steering column, then tighten up, the quick release hub then slide over the bar, and both parts welded onto the steering column, the end of the quick release bar is then welded on the end to the bar in the steering column. There is no way this will break, double welds in the maner done are very permanet.

I also managed to align the doors better with the side panels, my holes on the rear side panel were a little out, a slight adjustment and the door profile is now flush with the side panels.

Also made up some aluminium bracing bars for the side panels, four in total, these hold the side panels securly in place, and will stop the front and rear clam pulling the side panel in. As well as stopping resonance noises when the car is driven.

Reassembled the dashboard after the steering wheel mod.

Not far to go now, just a few more minor fitments to go, wing mirrors, side indicators next.

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Wed Jun 15 12:47:18 BST 2011

Latest order received

Just recevied the parts from CBS, so can get on and secure the headlights in place with rubber washers.

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Mod Jun 13 18:55:49 BST 2011

Rebuilding front clam


Now the paint has dried for the headlight brackets, it is time to put it all back together again. iFirst I put the front clam shell mounting brackets in onto the chassis carriers, and bolted the hinges up. With all components in place, the front clam shell is very heavy.
I need to make some finer adjustments to the height of the front clam shell, so it sits correctly with the side panels. There isn't too much play here, as I am limited by the dimensions and height of the intercooler. Will need a bit more adjustment
Secondt I put the headlight in place, and loosley bolted them to the brackets, secured the wiring for headlamps in place with cable ties.
To allow better fitment of the headlights, I have ordered some more parts from Car builder solutions, 18mm diameter x 4mm thick rubber washers, the right number to fit the gap. Will provide vibration damping, reduce long term fatigue ont he brackets

Other things ordered, are rubber P-wing piping for fitting between major bodywork components, u trim for the rear engine panel. Drivers clutch foot rest, passenger foot rest, 35mm reflectors for the rear lighting assembly, exhaust wrap tape, I will put this on the intercooler pipework, to keep heat out. Package was dispatched today, so should received it wednesday.

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Sun Jun 12 16:47:57 BST 2011

The last of the bodywork components


I had 3 more minor components of the bodywork left to fit, so today I set about fitting them.

First part is the bonnet scope, which encloses the fuel tank and allows vent for the radiator. I had to remove some body work at the bottom of the vent on the front clam shell to allow the scope to sit correctly. I decided to remove it all, to increase the amount of warm air than can be manage. Once removed it simply required 6 M6 bolts to hold it in place.

The rear aluminium engine panel was next in line, again simply a matter of 6 bolts to hold it all together. I will paint this black at a later stage, and also apply some rubber U-trim. to finish it off. One query I do have thou is not all the pressed out vents on the panel point downwards. Those at the very front of the panel point upwards. Which is not perfect as it acts a a great rain gutter, straight onto the injecter wiring.

Last of the main bodywork pices is the front splitter, this again just bolts onth the underside of the front clam. Getting it aligned correctly wasn't too much trouble, and by drilling through this and into the front clam. 50mm M6 bolts hold it all together. I had to remove the bolts I used for the front clam shell mounting bracket, so I could then bolt the splitter to the fiber and mounting plate togther.

While the front clam shell was off the car, it was also the ideal time to paint the headlight brackets.
Hammerite black smooth for the metal work, and satin black spray paint on the fiberglass. This has finished it off really well. Now to let it all dry overnight, before refixing the headlights, and getting the final alignment done. Now to watch the canadian F1 GP

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