Project EXI

The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

Fri Jun 10 19:05:56 BST 2011

Secured headlight brackets to clam shell


Fitted the passenger side headlight brackets to the headlight housing, and checked the alignment
Sanded down the inside of the front clam shell, around the headlight bracket mount points, then refitted the headlights, and checked alignment again
Secured all headlight brackets into the clam shell with fiber filler, by pasting fiber filler under and over the headlight bracket
The fiber filler sets really quickly, withiin 30minutes the bungee cord temporarily holding the headlights in place can be removed.
Will leave to cure until sunday, at which poiint I will fit nyloc M6 nuts, and space the headlight correctly with washers. My aim is to get the headlight lense flush with the curve of the front clam shell
A coat of paint over the fiber filler and brackets will finish it off nicley

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Thu Jun 9 17:00:54 BST 2011

Fitting headlight brackets


Set about fitting the headlight brackets to the headlights. Two brackets use mounting tags on the headlight housing, the third bracket requires a new hole in the headilght housing.
To fit the third bracket the lighting cluster can be removed by undoing two self tapping screws, and then releasing 5 spring clips with a screwdriver.
the third bracket is then lined up and the hole drilled through the side of the headlight housing
Once drilled I secured the bracket with M6 bolt, grommet and penny washers. Replaced the headlight lamp cluster, refitted spring clips and put the self tapping screws back in place.
Tested the lamp alignment and all looks ok, plus the headlight glass (re plastic) is flush with the bodywork
Have yet to repeat the same for the passenger side headlight, and fiber fill all brackets in place

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Wed Jun 8 18:42:24 BST 2011

Fabricating Headlight brackets


Spent a few hours making some brackets to fix the headilghts in place.
I was given a steel sheet (1mm thick) thanks frank, and set about cutting itnto 4 35mm strips and 2 40mm strips
Once cut an deburred, I bent them into shape.
One bracket is Z shaped, the top bracket is a squared off C shape, and the last bracket is squared of J shape.
Once in place, i wil have 2 brackets supporting the bottom of the headlight and one holding the top
The plan is to fiber fix the brackets to the inside of the front clam shell, and using washers and rubber grommets, hold the headlight in place
This makes the headlight removable, and adjustable by adding or removing grommets at the top or bottom, to change the angle.

Tomorrows night job will be to fix the brackets to the headlights, using washers and grommets,

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Tue Jun 7 16:56:36 BST 2011

Fitted rear clam shell air intakes and door stops


Finished of the air intake aluminium mesh with some black enamal paint, to follow on with my black and orange theme.
With hot glue, secured the mesh on the fiber parts, which were then bolted with M6 Nyloc nuts to the rear clam shell
Good to now see that the air filter lines up ok with the air intake vent, so there will be no problem for the engine taking in cool air, instead of the warmer air directly from the engine bay. With the car in motion this is also likely to act like a RAM ait duct. Will have to see if this is too much for the engine to handle. But expect no problem, as air flow is measured by the MAF and fuelled accordingly

I also had some time to fit some door stops. The idea here is too limit the distance the door can open before hitting the fiber glass side panels, over time this would cause significant damage.
The 5EXi does have door stop mechanisim, but it falls a little short when it hits. Photos of the stops will be in build photos.

Another job was fiber fill some elongated holes for the side panels mounts,near the rear roll cage, by filling the holes, the side panel cant slip out of alignment. So it is fixed exactly where it needs to go.
I also filled some holes on the drivers door, that were accidently when figuring out the door lock spindle. :)

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Tue Jun 7 10:52:10 BST 2011

Migration to new blog software completed

If your reading this then you can probably see that the diary has changed format and is now integrated into nanoblogger.
It has taken me a few days to import my posts into the new format, but I think I have finally managed it, and with some success
This new software allows me to add posts into categories, so if your searching for how i managed to fit something, it should be easier to find exactly what you want, without trawling through all my old posts, in order. Until you find the sections your interested in.

I like hearing feedback from visitors so if you want to give your input on the new format and layout then Contact me

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Sun Jun 5 17:31:03 BST 2011

Rear clam shell air vents


I had to go out this afternoon to collect a wheel alginment tool. So only had the morning in the garage
Fixing the headlights in place now they work is probably going to take a day to sort out, so didnt want to start a job I couldnt finish

So i set about opening the air intake vents on the rear clam shell. Two oval holes above just behind the seats head rests.
The shape of the fiber parts is a bit hit and miss, they are not perfect to the shape of the body work, so a best fit is needed, done by eye.
First line up the screws holes for bolting the ait opening in place. Then mark through the fiber part to draw a line for the oval hole.
Drill,cut and dremmel out the hole, cut the diamond mesh to shape then fiber fill the mesh to the inside of the fiber oval part. Fix in place with M6 nyloc

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Sat Jun 4 17:21:52 BST 2011

Headlight wiring


Decided to spend the day focusing on the headlights fittings.
Soldered the wiring for the electrical joins, and secured in conduit
Fixed the coduit to the bodywork, with self adhesive cabe tie bases and cables ties
Fitted an 8 way plug and socket, so the front clam shell can be removed by unbolting the mounts and unpluggin the wiring loom
Tested the lights, all worked except for side lights, but side lights were working in all other locations
Found the fault in the fuse board wiring, where the 3 wire feeds for the side lights are connected in choc block, the cable sheeth was too far in, so did not make a connection. Fix by adjusting the choc block screw

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Sat Jun 3 17:21:52 BST 2011

Diary software update

Im currently migrating the old diary to some new bloggin software.

It will allow tagging of post so you will be able to search and group posts together.
Bear with me whilst I do the migration

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Jun 01 2011

Interior carpets


Fitted carpet onto the rear bulkhead.
Had to remove the ECU lay the carpet then fit the ECU back ontop of the carpet, not sure if I will cover the ECU in a carpet covered housing or not.
That completes the carpet on the interior, next task is complete dashboard and mount the de mist vents.

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May 30 2011

Interior carpets


Fitted carpet onto the tunnels, secured in place.
Stuck carpet to passenger side front bulk head, both sides of center console, and drivers side front bulkhead.

Cut and fitted rubber floor matting, to both sides.

Fitted clutch, brake and accelarator pedals covers.
Removed both seats and started to prepare rear bulkhead carpet.
Inside is looking good.

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